Make Every Sweet Treat Special

Taste the difference homemade candy makes

Are you a chocoholic? If so, Frederickson's Fine Candies is the perfect shop for you. Our unique chocolate-covered treats are made in-house by our experienced chocolatiers. You can find yummy treats for all ages and palates. You can buy most of our sweet treats individually or by the pound.

Explore the specialty candies at Frederickson's Fine Candies today.

Snack on something sweet

Snack on something sweet

Are you looking to try something new? Our specialty candies are just the thing. These include:

  • Cinnamon bears, $10.00 per pound — sweet cinnamon bears covered with light or dark chocolate
  • Potato chips, $14.75 per pound — crunchy, salty goodness covered with light chocolate
  • Oreos, $0.75 each — original Oreos covered with light or dark chocolate
  • Giant marshmallows, $1.00 each — giant marshmallows covered with light or dark chocolate
  • Pretzels, $13.50 per pound — salty crunchy snacks covered with light or dark chocolate
  • Caramel corn, $8.30 per pound — buttery popcorn covered in caramel and mixed with Spanish peanuts, sold in 1lb bags
  • Peanut brittle, $8.30 per pound — an old-fashioned family recipe that is melt-in-your-mouth good and perfect for the holiday


All of our chocolates are also available for purchase in quantities less than a pound. Order now by calling 208-733-7624.