See Why Customers Can't Get Enough of Our Caramels

Enjoy homemade chocolate-covered caramels

Some people go crazy for caramel. Especially when it tastes as good as ours does. Frederickson's Fine Candies has caramel treats down to a science. Our caramels, salted caramels and caramel pecan squares are creamy, soft and delicious. There's a reason why they're our most popular item. They're the perfect indulgence for any day of the week.

You can buy our caramels and salted caramels in bulk for $21.50 per pound or boxed for $23 per pound. Our caramel pecan squares are sold in bulk for $21.50 per pound or boxed for $23 per pound. Our regular caramels are available without chocolate seasonally. Call 208-733-7624 now to place an order.

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Read about our perfected caramel process

So, how do we add delicious flavor to eat of our chocolate-covered caramels? We use a top-quality copper kettle to mix fresh ingredients.

A machine constantly stirs the caramel as it goes through the various stages of boiling. Finally, the caramel is hand-poured on our iron table to cool overnight. It's cut into squares, covered in milk or dark chocolate and hand-marked with a melon baller. The completed caramels are then put on a rack for two to three hours to dry.

Find out more about how our caramel treats are made today by visiting Frederickson's Fine Candies.